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The Ring part 1



Hi all!!

I hope everyone is fine!!

Here in this post I’ll share with you my new project. This project “The Ring” is a work that I’m doing for my college “Experimental Media”.

It consists in experiment various types of art to make a film, and because of that I’ve decided to try and make a short film with Animation, Photography, Stop-Motion, and film itself. It will be a comedy and will be based in the first project that I’ve made, “Everyday activity”.

The story is simple, it is based in a girl that have lost her valuable ring and decides to go after it. For that, she tries to remember the last three locations that she has been before and go after her ring.

She will face a huge adventure while searching for the ring, as she will meet three different characters, all of them with their very own personal issues.

I have some of the story board that I can share with you.



This idea was based and has a lot of influence in a short animation called “The missing scarf” Directed by: Eoin Dufty

The way as the story is built has a lot of interest and it’s funny at the same time! I can say that everything there was really well crafted and I am a fan at moment.


Have a look and I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have more to show.





Everyday Activity, first school project

Hi all!!


I hope everyone is fine!

Here I’ll share my first work for my college. The objective was to film an everyday activity, you could film anything, taking your first coffee of the day, breakfast, jogging, anything..

I’ve decided to try to do something funny at the same time silly, so I’ve created a metaphor for the those people that take a long time to really wake up in the morning (my case).

For this I’ve used for the first time a Canon 700D with a 55mm lens alongside with a SJ5000 (similar with a GoPro).


Here’s the video:


Hi all! New blogger!

Hi everyone!

My name is Miguel, and I’ve just created this blog a few days ago. I’m Portuguese so my English is still a bit bad yet and I’m sorry for that (My mission now is to improve it!!).

I am studying in the U.K at moment, doing a film course.

It took me a while before finding and starting this course, and I’ll share with you some of my “adventures” because for me the most important thing in the world is to follow your dreams!

I’ve done my first short film when I was 13 years old with a friend of mine, in that time Counter strike was something new to the world and I really appreciated the way as was played (first person) so I’ve grabbed my phone (it was a Motorola and I don’t remember the model now) but it had a camera so I’ve started to film some scenes where you were only capable to see the weapon in the hand. When I was 14 years old, a school friend of mine invited me to make a short film comedy based in the humor of the “Gatos Fedorentos” (Smelly cats). I was so naive to understand half of the jokes in that time, but in fact the idea of doing a film with more people was so good to me, that I’ve jumped on board without excitation. My first long film (40 minutes long) was created when I was 15 years old, I wanted to do something based in the comedy so I told my friends that, and they joined me. Thanks to them I’ve managed complete this long film with my Nokia 6680.

I was so happy doing films that I told my mom that what I really wanted was to create movies and to entertain people with it, to make a drama, a action movie (I really want to do one someday!!), a comedy that could tear a smile even to the most saddest guy in the world, I really wanted to make people laugh and have a good time while seeing my stuff. But in that time (2005) Portugal started to face a financial crises, and my mom was a single mom of 2 kids (myself and my brother that is younger than me), so she told me that if I wanted to make movies, to go ahead but after having a BA in something else that could secure my future, as some kind of a “second dream”, so, since then I was studying everything else than film, but you know, this is stronger than anything else, so in 2010 I’ve returned to work in films and that was the first time that I’ve planed to create a web-series/film feature called “Itineris” (way).

It is funny now because I’ve never consider studying film after that episode in 2005, and in 2013 myself and my girlfriend we came into the U.K to proceed our studies, she did an MA in Animation and I was studying alternative medicine, it took me 2 years to finally start studying film, I almost forgot my passion.. Those 2 years was the worst time I ever had in my life, I was completely lost, I didn’t had any strength to do anything, I was paranoid with my age since I’ve considered myself too old to study anything from the beginning, I didn’t knew what I was! And my savior was my girlfriend that was at my side all the time, she started to research some courses in film for me while I was working, and the funniest thing here is that I didn’t knew that I just find out when she showed me a bunch of options in the film area and she convinced me that the most important thing is to follow your dreams no matter what! Thanks to the U.K open minded people and the amazing amount of art culture here, even now my mom told me to follow my dream so I’ve decided to go forward and to start this new path in my life. And today I have great lectures, great class, and the most important thing I’m doing what I do most love in the world! Making films!

The next posts I’ll show some of my work as I’ll comment some stuff I find interesting.

It will be shorter posts I promise!!

Follow your dreams! Be Happy!!



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